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Recomendado de Lectura: A Look at Buenos Aires' Hottest Agency

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Metric Madness: The Answer to Mathematical Failure Seems to Be More Math

If You Run a Company by Numbers Alone, You'll Run It Into the Ground

Commentary by Al Ries

March Madness lasts only three weeks, but Metric Madness goes on all year long. What is Metric Madness? It's the notion you can run anything by the numbers, and it's become the hottest concept in business today. The marketing community eats this stuff up. Nobody generates more data than they do. Hallelujah!


Buenos Aires' Hottest Agency on Staying That Way

Santo's Founders Speak Out on Talent, Creativity and the Downturn

Global News

A look at Santo, the hottest agency in Buenos Aires and one of the most quiet, eclectic, relaxed atmospheres one could find in the creative arena these days.


Creativity's Picks for Best Work of the Week

Scrabble Animates the Beauty of Words, a Swedish Bus Line's Big Point, Lauren Luke Launches a Makeup Line and Other Work

Watch the Spots

On this week's episode of Creativity's Top 5, Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, animates the beauty of words for Scrabble; Apple's latest banner ad lists all the ways PCs are easy to use; ACNE and Swedish Airport Coaches build a bus out of cars to prove a point; Blink director David Wilson spins a visual treat for Moray McLaren; and Anomaly teams with DIY YouTube star Lauren Luke to launch a line of makeup.


Month's Top 10 Most-Liked, Most-Recalled New TV Spots

Nielsen IAG Research Ad Ratings: Consumers Like American Cancer Society Ad

Watch the Top Spot

NEW YORK ( -- The American Cancer Society's spot was the commercial most liked by viewers during the last month. See the full Nielsen IAG lists of top-liked and top-recalled spots.


Market Research: Cinco de Mayo Isn't Independence Day

But Its Connection With U.S. History Might Surprise You

The Big Tent

As Cinco de Mayo festivals get canceled across the U.S. because of swine flu, and anti-Mexican sentiment appears to be raising its ugly head, it seemed appropriate to highlight the potentially important impact that the Battle of Puebla (aka Cinco de Mayo) had on U.S. history.


McKinney Takes Over as Nationwide's Creative Agency

Former Shop TM Advertising Best Remembered for 'Life Comes at You Fast' Ads

CHICAGO ( -- Independent McKinney is Nationwide Insurance's new creative advertising agency of record, marking the end of the company's 10-year relationship with Interpublic Group of Cos.' TM Advertising.


How One Specialty Shop Is Evolving With Its Medium

Or, Why It's Hard Sometimes to Explain What We Do

Small Agency Diary

Most of the wonderful people on the Small Agency Diary are part of shops that are easier to define. But here I sit, the crazy guy from Portland who talks about radio all the time. It occurred to me that it would probably make sense to talk about what, exactly, we do.


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    Group Director

    Sr. Business Leader, Marketing Intelligence
    MasterCard Worldwide

    Sr. Director Online Ad Sales

    Director of Retail Strategy
    Sears Holdings Corporation

    Senior Technical Mkting Mgr.
    EMC Corporation

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