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Lectura recomendada de hoy: Study: ’09 Not a Stellar Year for Mobile Ads

IN THIS ISSUE - May 5, 2009
» Microsoft, Brand Affinity Technologies Partner
» Study: '09 Not a Stellar Year for Mobile Ads 
» N.Y. Daily News Launches SmallBiz 
» DirecTV, Liberty Entertainment to Merge 

Microsoft, Brand Affinity Technologies Partner
Microsoft has announced a partnership with Brand Affinity Technologies Inc., a company which has amassed the rights to use several thousand celebrity athletes as paid endorsements in a variety of Internet ads. Mediaweek's Mike Shields has more 

Study: '09 Not a Stellar Year for Mobile Ads
Magna has downgraded its previous forecast for mobile ad growth in 2009, primarily due to the brutal economy. Mediaweek's Mike Shields has more 

N.Y. Daily News Launches SmallBiz
The New York Daily News launched a national social networking site for small business. Editor & Publisher has more 

YouTube: Placement Police
In recent months, YouTube has set off some jangled nerves among several of its more popular content producers. Mediaweek's Mike Shields has more

Hughes Named EVP at Radar Online
John Hughes has been named executive vp/business development of American Media's Radar Online, the recently-launched reincarnation of the twice-failed magazine. Mediaweek's Mike Shields has more

TNS: Media Spend Dips 4.1 Percent in '08

Cali Lawmakers Halt Digital Billboard Ban Legislation

DirecTV, Liberty Entertainment to Merge

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