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Lectura Recomendada: Garfield on a Savvy Self-Marketing Site

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Take Cover! Marketing Blitz for McCafe Is on the Way

McDonald's Massive $100 Million Coffee Launch Impossible to Escape

CHICAGO ( -- Whoever said mass marketing is dead never worked at McDonald's. The master of the McBlitz is about to outdo itself with its long-awaited national campaign for its new coffee line, touted as the biggest launch in its history -- no small feat for a company that regularly drenches consumers in marketing.


Flu Fever Fuels Sanitizer Sales and Lots of Tweets

Meanwhile, Mexico and Pig Farmers Try to Save Their Beleaguered Brands

NEW YORK ( -- Chrysler went bankrupt, but you might not have noticed as the world fixated on swine flu. As news of the outbreak blanketed the globe, it spawned some instant marketing and media phenomena.


Looking to Grow in China? Ad Age Has 10 Surefire Tips

White Paper Explores Tactics, Busts Myths for Fifth-Largest Ad Market

Ad Age has identified key ways to help marketers grow their brands there -- and learn from the costly marketing mishaps of others -- in "Winning Consumers in China: The Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know to Succeed in the World's Fastest-Growing Market," a comprehensive white paper being released today. It's available for purchase through Here are a few of our top tips.


GM, Chrysler Bankruptcies Could Leave Shops Holding $300 Mil Bag

BBDO Owed $58 Mil; More at Stake for GM Agencies IPG, Publicis

DETROIT ( -- As Chrysler and General Motors Corp. fight for their lives, the automakers' three major agency holding companies could be left in the lurch collectively for more than $300 million.


Why Conde's Cocktail of Sex Appeal, Biz News Failed

Insiders Blame Portfolio's Ill-Timed Focus on Luxury, Lack of Editorial Vision

NEW YORK ( -- Condé Nast Portfolio proved in the end, as some suspected from the beginning, to be an unfortunately timed overreach for the Condé Nast brand of high-polish, high-cost publishing.


Out-of-Work Copywriter Bares All on Savvy Self-Marketing Site

Lawson Clarke Tries Advertising Himself Into a New Job With a Website Worth Checking Out

Former Arnold creative Lawson Clarke is trying to regain his rightful place in the advertising economy by advertising himself into a new gig. He is doing so via


Can Book-Sales Clubs Make It Through 21st Century?

Progressive Book Club, Direct Brands Aim for Relevance in Kindle Age

NEW YORK ( -- Online booksellers may have forever altered how we browse for and purchase books, and Amazon's latest Kindle may yet do the same for how we read them. But at least two companies are certain that there's still a place in the digital future for an 83-year-old service: direct-to-consumer book clubs.


How Personality Can Predict Media Usage

Mindset Study Finds That Certain Characteristics May Provide More Info Than Standard Demographics

NEW YORK ( -- Forget using focus groups and demographic data to find out what media your target audience uses. Go with a personality test instead.


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